Refinance Education – What You Need to Know

Debt Consolidation

The primary reason for homeowners to go through the process of refinance is that they have high interest rates such as credit card debts or a high mortgage rate. A consolidation loan enables the homeowner to use the existing equity in their home as collateral to secure a low interest loan which is large enough to repay the existing balance on the home as well as a number of other debts such as credit card debt, car loans, student loans or any other debts the homeowner may have.

When someone borrowed money initially on a low documentation loan (typically for self employed applicant with no tax return )application, the chance is they are on a higher interest rate and as soon as they can satisfy the lender of switching to full documentation loan (providing full tax return ), they can reduce their mortgage payment significantly.

Another popular reason for re-financing is to use the existing equity in the

Credit Repair Tips – Why You Should Care About Your Credit Score

Every time I give out my business card, one of the first things people ask me is Why should I care about my credit score?

This question is usually followed up by a statement and 3 rebuttal questions: When you wake up tomorrow, can you pay $300,000 in CASH for a home? Can you wake up in the morning and spend $30,000 in CASH on a new car? Can you wake up tomorrow and pay $3,000 in cash for your son or daughter’s tuition?

The answers to those questions are always NO!

Let’s be clear here. If you are living in America and you do not have millions and millions of dollars stashed away in your checking account ready to purchase everything you want… You need to care about your Credit Score.

These days, the banks and lenders are not the only institutions who rely on credit scores to make an important credit decision. The Landlords, employers, insurance companies, cell

What Is Financial Freedom and How to Achieve It?

1.1 What is financial freedom?

Most people may have different perspectives of financial freedom; however the concept of being financially free is almost similar.

When a person has significant amount of savings or income, it mean that this person does not need to struggle to meet month’s end. And when a person who is able to live comfortably with the ability to sustain or maintain his/her lifestyle without any financial worries and he/she does not need to work that much, this is what I called Financial Freedom!

This doesn’t mean that you must be of high net worth or have lots of money in the bank and investments to be financially free. To put it in simple terms if you are spending less than what you are earning, having a peace of mind, the satisfaction and freedom to do what you want to do without any financial stress or pressure, you are already financially freed. One good way will be

Why I Became a Public Adjuster

My Story – Only God Knows

I’m 41 years old. I opened my first construction company when I was 18. I started out with a little red Chevy S-10 pickup with an in-line 6-cylinder engine. Boy, this truck wouldn’t quit. As soon as I pulled into the circle where I grew up, my father (who has a heart bigger than anyone) said “Here son, take my credit card and go buy yourself a couple of ladders on me.” Off I went! I took a tool box and some ladders into a world that will chew you up unless you have determination and a positive, don’t take no for an answer attitude.

These were some of the best times of my life. I answered to no one, or so I thought. You learn rather quickly that you always have to answer to someone, someday. I answered to my customers. You think your boss is tough? Try dealing with different people every

Sell Gold And Grow Rich


Take an honest and deep look at where the world has come; nothing is untouched by manipulation and speculation, honest and reliable data regarding finance and investments of real value have also been lost in this modern age of grotesque exploitation of all things we humans place value in.

Have we forgotten the value of what is real vs. that which subconsciously yet subtly is imposed upon us; an idea and value system not from our own making but is introduced from outside of our ancestral inherited value system, now replaced with a highly destructive system that negatively affects us all. Which surreptitiously hides its motive through the mundane as it inundates our every biological sensory through a powerful yet dismissible media which work overtime times one hundred to influence and ultimately control our thoughts and actions through our credulous acceptance of this system, and to what ends?

Can such a system by its very